Your tongue
curling in my mouth and
your lips
whimpering a sigh;
in that second
under street lights
your sugary sweetness injected straight into my bloodstream;
so much so,
I don’t think i’ll ever recover.
Now, when I see you
or as much as think of you,
all the sugar granules floating in my veins rush straight to my chest,
right into my heart,
pumping and beating to the offbeat sound buried deep in my gut.
It took 10 days for the thought of leaving you to make my soul quiver with sadness.
It took 2 days for oxygen to stop helping me breathe every time your smile flickers in my mind.
and it took but a second-
from the moment I stepped outside into London’s subtle autumn breeze
to find your hands on my face, your lips touching mine-
it took but a second to know that I would love you;
or maybe that I already do.

One comment

  1. Did you stop writing? Oddly enough I found this looking at a review you left on a book. I love your work, but I wonder did you stop loving it? It’s been a year. If you did, I’m sorry. Cause you had a talent for it. I hate to see it wasted.


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