Our eyes danced in the candlelight

gliding to the melodies our mouths wrote for one another

that night,

I watched your lips flicker like a flame when I carelessly opened the palm of my hand under the heat of your gaze

letting a few of my cards drop from the deck closest to my chest;

they say an open flame needs to be fed repeatedly to prevent it from smouldering

to prevent what once started as kindling ignited with an instant strike

(of a match)

from turning into a thick smoke drifting like the passing of time…

you smirk, sitting across from me.

The candlelight dancing in all the right places.

I guess a match has struck, kindling sparked

a little fire has started to burn in your eyes-

I take a deep breath;

Whilst your heat beckons me;

Breathe in deep while I can.

Somewhere in the distance I see a thick smoke starting to drift.






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