Memory Box.

How lucky you are to have the courage to sit alone with your thoughts.

To let the darkest dragon breathe flames down your neck while you sit still and silent and welcome the colossal storm in your stomach of ants and killer bees all waiting for you to keel over and scream,


Let me breathe.

You watched yourself learn the hardest lessons;
people will wake up and stop loving you.
Kind words from hallow faces merge together until you recognize it as only deceit.
We grow up shaped by a society that doesn’t even know our names.

You learn that it is a thunderstorm out there-
and you are the tallest streetlight in the city overlooking a glowing skyline and succumbing to the heartbeat of its smile
until the storm reminds you that its come to burn your light and will leave you looming above an empty street where no one is willing enough to wander into your darkness.

But I promise you that you will find light again.
I promise you’ll find a smile walking in your direction that will sit in your darkness after the storm takes you away.
I promise that your feet will always find home- wherever you make it.

And maybe there isn’t a reason for it all.
Maybe you grow up and hurt
work your whole life to hurt
love people but still hurt

and maybe thats all that life is and you never find yourself like the poetry says and you’re just striving towards being 6ft. under-

but even so you’ll always find things to put in your memory box.

Find every beautiful thing in sight that is produced by a single beautiful moment unrepeated, with no past and no future to taint the sheer significance of something so insignificant,
pick it up with delicate hands and

put it in your memory box.

Next time you start thinking like me, open up your memory box and look at everything that’s ever been beautiful to you.
Think of how they wound up there, never planned or accounted for,
but most important of all remember

that memories make you- and your box is never too full.

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