Oh beautiful day

How we chase silent dreams and underestimated love

like blood pumps straight to the heart of subtle smiles awaiting that moment you open

your eyes each morning to think how damn lucky you are

to have so much happiness sitting at your doorstep only waiting for you to pocket it on

your way out,

Dear friends.

Let me make you a Sunday roast and watch your faces as we gather around our little table

beating to the sounds of our giddy laughs,

Dear lover.

Let me take your hand tenderly

and show you all the places that make me glad to be alive,

Dear universe.

Let me show you that I’ll make the best of you while I’m still walking

even though half the time I lay curled beneath my sheets too crippled to face you.


Today they played my favourite song on the radio.

I saw a beautiful girl smile

The weather was nice and I met a friend for a glass of wine.


Looks like I’m doing not so bad after all.



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